Practical course “International Commercial Arbitration: Case Study” is dedicated to the institutes of international commercial arbitration as private mechanism of alternative dispute resolution of international commercial disputes. Special emphasis is made on the methods of case-study, drafting of procedural documents and preparation of oral pleadings. The course is build-up as a training, combination of individual and collective exercises. During the course participants take part in a moot court.

Reading List:

  • Julian D M Lew, Loukas A Mistelis, Stefan M Kroll. Comparative International Commercial Arbitration. The Hague, 2003.
  • Jonathan Hill, Adeline Chong. International Commercial Disputes. Commercial Conflict of Laws in English Courts. Oxford, 2010.
  • Gary B. Born. International Arbitration: Law and Practice. The Hague, 2014.



Mikhail Galperin

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation

Professor at HSE Faculty of Law / Department of the Judiciary



Elena Mazetova

Legal counsel of IT, Distribution and M&A Legal Group at Yandex

HSE Law faculty graduate specializing in Civil Law